Evolution of Catimors

Catimor is the generic name applied to the coffee hybrids derived by crossing Caturra, a semi-dwarf mutant of Bourbon coffee plant and Hibrido de Timor (HDT, The Timor Hybrid), a natural hybrid of Arabica and Robusta coffee that manifests many characters of agronomic interest like resistance to leaf rust, coffee berry disease (CBD) and nematodes of Meloidogyne sps. These hybrids became popular with the coffee growers across the world on account of their manifested resistance to the above adversaries and consequent lowered cost of production. Besides, these hybrids are also highly productive. On account of their dwarf nature and conical bush shape, they are amenable for high density planting. Above all, Catimors produce beans and beverage of accepted quality. In the recent past, several Catimor-like coffee hybrids found their way into India under the names BBTC Catimor, Brazilian Catimor, Colombian Catimor, Catuai x HDT and Ruiru-II. Present document attempted an appraisal of these materials in terms of their utility to growers, the stability of their manifested plant type, resistance and productivity and finally their possible longevity in the field. A brief summary of the cultivation of these varieties on the basis of field observations and available literature is also included, to be of use to the growers.

The document is available with the author and can be obtained by mail order/request to santaram_2000@yahoo.com.


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